Raidzap RZ 365 PRO


RAIDZAP 365 PRO  – is our leading UV flashlight in the field of fly tying. Developed with RZ 9010 UV SP – the right wavelength for fly tying. The UV flashlight is with 18650 Li-on battery of 2300 mAh. Raidzap PRO has been developed for our products. Designed for any flytier that want quality and fast cure time on UV resin. Direct use out of the box! – Including manual in the package.

  • UV light for the Raidzap UV resin.
  • Direct USB Cable charging.
  • No need to take out battery.
  • On / Off button with indicator.
  • 365nm / 5Watt
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  1. RAIDZAP 365 PRO is our leading UV flashlight for fly tying. Developed with RZ 365NM – the right wavelength to cure UV resin in seconds. The RZ 365 PRO is included with the 18650 Li-on battery of 2300 mAh. Raidzap Pro is for Raidzap products. Developed for any flytier that want quality. The UV flashlight even announces when it´s needs charging. No battery replacement, to protect the environment. Connect the USB plug directly into the Raidzap 365 Pro and charge the UV flashlight on a powerbank or USB adapter for power outlet. The UV flashlight is like a UV flashlight should have been from the startup, powerful, USB connection, environment friendly material, last-minute quality and developed for any flytier. The most powerfull UV flashlight from Raidzap for fly tying.

The Rz 365 PRO lasts for a long time. It does not loose the power of light. It continues to emit the same watt all the time until it runs out of power. We always recommend having a fully charged UV flashlight to cure. That way, you get the best results. With the Rz 365 PRO you have full control all the time.

Our 365 PRO UV flashlight have also been passed the EU LAW,  ISO/IEC 62471:2008 including ISO 2859-1:1999 for sale in Europe. Our UV flashlight comes with CE mark and Type number according to Eu law for sale. Even UN 38.3. This means to you that our UV flashlight is legal on market, and legal for sale. Raidzap 365 PRO is the only UV flashlight world wide for fly tying that comply with the law in ISO/IEC law in Europe.