Raidzap Thin 2.2 oz


RAIDZAP THIN – Use for a thin layer on small flies, coating wing cases or as head cement. A clear UV resin and quick cure time with RZ 365 Pro. Raidzap Thin is a high quality UV resin for flytying such as beginners and professionals. Refill the small bottles or use it direct from from the bottle with the thin tip system. – Brush are also including in the box. Same quality JUST bigger bottle!

  • Cures with any UV light.
  • Cures hard and clear.
  • Thin tip.
  • 2.2 oz. ( 66 ml. )
  • Brush including in the box.
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RAIDZAP THIN  bottle of 2.2 oz. ( 66 ml. )  Raidzap Thin is a bit thinner than Medium. It has the very slight viscosity. Used to the smaller flies, to the last thin layer, or to the small heads. Using the Rz 365 Pro gives you a fast cure, no waiting time. Raidzap Thin is a high quality UV resin for fly tying such as beginner and professional flytiers. Developed from the bottom with lots of considerations, developed for fly tying. Our UV resin cures with ANY! UV light. Brush are including in the box. And comes with a thin tip for refill the small or direct use on your fly.