Raidzap Flex Fl. Red


RAIDZAP FLEX Fl. PINK –  We added 3 times more fluorecent look in this colorfull flex resin. Create flexible colorfull things on your fly tying. Creativity has no limits!. Create colorful flexible stripes, eyes on poppers, eyes on flies, strike points etc. The formular is like flex. Tack free surface in seconds. Need your flex color resin hard. Just add a bit of Raidzap thin clear resin on the color surface.!

  • Cures with any real UV light.
  • Cures flex and shinny surface.
  • Thin tip.
  • 0.5 oz. ( 15 ml. )
  • Brush and syringe needle in the box.
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RAIDZAP FLEX FL. RED – bottle of 0.5 oz. ( 15 ml. ).  Raidzap Flex is the most flexible UV resin we have developed for fly tying. It is so flexible that it can bend without breaking or splitting. Bounding to plastic, metal etc. Using the Rz 365 Pro gives you a fast cure, no waiting time. Flex is a high quality UV resin for fly tying such as beginner and professional flytiers. Developed from the bottom with lots of considerations, developed for fly tying and with the right tip under the lid. Cures with ANY!  REAL UV light. Brush and needle are including in the box. – Shake the bottle well for about 3-5 seconds before you start applying on your fly.