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The CLP law


For protection


In fly tying



In Raidzap we meet the CLP law in Europe.
Raidzap UV resin for fly tying is the first and only on the market that complies with the Environmental Protection Agency LAW and CLAIM for chemical products for fly tying. Even our Electronic UV Light,  have been CE testet and have the Europe CE mark. This means that we comply with the ECHA law within the EU and the Electronic CE law. We don´t hide anything, like chemicals or anything else. ” We just keep it simple ” and hope other companies will follow the law in Europe for protection.

That means to you as a consumer that our product is safe for use in connection with fly tying. This means a readable text on our label and packaging, in country language, and not least because chemical products do not come close to children or inaccurate use. Both the consumer and the stores benefit that everything is in accordance with the law. And that the law is complied with and Raidzap products comply with the EU ECHA Act on Chemical Products.



CLP is the successor to the Dangerous Substances and Dangerous Preparations Directives; like these Directives, CLP requires chemicals to be classified for their hazards and labelled accordingly.

CLP was introduced to put into place a new EU-wide scheme for classification and labelling. For many years the EU had a robust system based on the Directives dealing with substances and mixtures. In other parts of the World there were other schemes – or nothing at all. After many years of international negotiations a “globally harmonised” scheme (GHS) was developed and published by the UN. The EU was the first major jurisdiction to amend its old scheme in favour of one based on the GHS. In doing so, however, it retained some important elements of the old system to avoid any loss of protection in the EU. OSHA in US. WHMIS in Canada.



We do it because we follow the CLP law in Europe for modern ” chemicals “.  Any chemical needs the right warning signs including what the bottle contain for safety reasons. On bottle and on package.!

Look around in your home, try find paint, glue, and other things. Everything comes with GHS signs like fire, health, etc. in Europe, USA and Canada – WE do It to. We have to